In our lifetime, every one out of three women experiences physical or sexual abuse (source: UNPF). Out of every fifteen children, there is one child that has been an intimate witness and focus of domestic violence (source: Salvation Army). These devastating statistics offer a harrowing, eye-opening view into the lives of people we meet every day. How many of the women that you see on a daily basis are victims of immense mental and physical trauma that they live through every day? How many of the children that you know have already been irrevocably affected by the violent and stifling environment offered within what should be a safe haven, but has instead become a prison? How many men have also been literally tortured by their spouses or significant others. The data presented above is proof that we are surrounded by people who struggle through pain and trauma every day because there are not enough options open to them that allow them to escape their brutal circumstances. Every shelter in every state is usually filled to capacity. Also, due to the recent stress of the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine, those numbers rose exponentially. Social status and family members who don’t realize the trauma going on behind closed doors, make it a shameful and embarrassing situation, and this makes the act of seeking help condemnable, which is why victims of domestic violence continue to live in dangerous situations through most of their life.

We at Susan-A Foundation are a Not-For-Profit Organization committed to providing rehabilitative, and post traumatic relief to men, women, and children who are survivors of domestic abuse. Our goal is to provide permanent residences, houses, apartments, condos, trailers, any place these victims can feel safe and call home. Where survivors of domestic abuse heal, grow, and become empowered. The road to healing starts with having a space that one can call their own home, and that is what we at Susan-A Foundation are tirelessly working for to provide. We are raising funds to help victims move out of shelters, dysfunctional houses, and into furnished, safe housings. A house is the first step to the long process of rebuilding one’s life, and by providing survivors with a confidential, homely shelter, we hope to brighten young futures and rekindle broken families. We also accept donations of property (no matter what condition), as well as cash donations to purchase houses, apt buildings, etc. Susan-A Foundation will provide this service at no cost or expense to the victims or their families.

Thank you for any consideration,

Michael Jolas – Founder
Susan A Foundation