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The Story of Susan A – Part One

Susan was a young girl, who like many others, had difficulties with her parents and left home at a young age. Barely scraping by and struggling to survive, Susan met a handsome, smooth-talking guy who we will call “PIMP”.

PIMP promised Susan the world, took her out for nice dinners and bought her clothes and jewelry, but he also slowly and meticulously separated her from her friends and members of her family that she was still in contact with. All the while, PIMP kept at it, playing the game, and even got Susan a place to stay for free with other girls. The girls, though, turned out to be prostitutes.

Susan wasn’t aware of this at the time, but sure found out the hard way! PIMP started demanding repayment for everything he had given Susan, attempting to return the clothes and jewelry wasn’t good enough, PIMP demanded more!

Susan had no resources, no longer had contact with any of her friends or relatives, and found herself terrified and alone. Still refusing to have sex with strangers for money, PIMP started to physically abuse her. Susan woke up one day with a split lip, blackeye and several bruises on her body. She was also forced to take drugs.

PIMP then used Susan to blackmail businessmen and involved her in other criminal activity. After several beatings and attempts to escape, a more serious situation evolved.

For more of the Susan A story, check the Susan A website soon for an update, and please make a donation to help other victims.

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