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Who We Are

Susan A Foundation is a not-for-profit organization committed to providing safe housing and financial aid to men, women, and children who are survivors of domestic abuse.

Our Story

Domestic abuse affects people everywhere, regardless of a person’s educational, cultural, or financial background.

As survivors of domestic abuse, we know that physical and emotional harm can last a lifetime and that making the decision to leave an abusive situation is extremely difficult and wrought with many consequences.

In 2020, we started Susan A Foundation, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, to help find temporary housing and provide financial support to those affected by domestic violence.

Our personal experiences compelled us to want to make a difference in victim’s lives within our own community in New Jersey, and anywhere else in the United States, where we can make a difference.

By providing financial support, as well as temporary and/or permanent housing in a stable, positive, productive environment, Susan A Foundation plays a vital role in ending the cycle of violence by helping victims get out and get away.

With compassion, we help provide a lifeline to those who are struggling to find a way forward.

Our Mission and Values

Susan A Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization committed to providing financial support, as well as temporary and/or permanent housing in a stable, positive, productive environment.

Our aim is to help individuals find a safe haven, a first step on the road to regaining control and rebuilding their lives.

As survivors ourselves, we understand the traumatic effects of domestic abuse and how vital it is to help victims find temporary accommodations to leave their abusers. The decision to leave is incredibly difficult and knowing that you have a safe haven to seek refuge in means everything.

Susan A Foundation does not discriminate against anyone seeking help and we treat every individual with respect, care and dignity. Above all, we value safety and peace for all individuals.

Our Impact

Domestic violence is a pervasive problem affecting many in our community, even if there are no obvious signs.

Victims of domestic abuse face the physical abuse that may be apparent to the outside world, but domestic abuse also takes the form of emotional, as well as financial abuse, making it difficult for victims to escape their situation alone.

Thankfully, domestic violence charities exist to provide support to those in need of help and we are grateful and humbled that Susan A Foundation is one of these charities.

We help victims break free from abusive relationships by providing them with safe housing and financial aid.

Susan A Foundation has helped dozens of domestic violence victims and our impact is far-reaching beyond just the individuals we help. By breaking the cycle of abuse for even one person, we contribute to creating a safer and more equitable society for all.

Everyone has the right to live free from violence and abuse, and Susan A Foundation, with your support, is proud to play a vital role in making this a reality.